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V9 changes and aTbRef

Tinderbox v9 is now out with lots of interesting new things and improvements to existing. I’m at a conference so the new v9.0 baseline may be few days off. In the mean time here is a Dropbox link to my list of v9 changes improvements: https://www.dropbox.com/s/tfedqkgz82kj132/v9Features.tbx?dl=1

These are the source of data I’ll be adding to aTbRef as I update it.

I’ll post again once the full resource is up.


Huzzah!! Thanks to @eastgate for all the hard work - and the sleepless nights poured into T9 - effectively ensuring that I don’t get any sleep tonight as I climb down the rabbit hole :wink:
Thanks also to the Backstage team for all your work and input :clap:t4: :clap:t4: :clap:t4: