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View a sub note of a container in map view

I’ve usually used outline view, but my current project takes advantage of the map view too. I have a container (call it A) at some level with a note (call it B) inside it (A is a container). I like to see B displayed in A’s “box” (I make A big enough to show contained note(s)). First, I have a dickens of a time placing B (when viewing B’s level) so that when I move up a level, I can see B as a small box inside A’s box. When I succeed, if I go back to B’s level, my mouse can easily move B’s exact location, and when I return to A’s level, the A box has lost sight of B.

When tricks have I not found to set this right?

IIRC the child map in the viewport shows where you left the child map, not where you entered it (i.e. if you scroll the map and navigate up the map has moved.

You can ‘lock’ the location of the viewport contents. See $MapScrollX and $MapScrollY and this.

Thanks. I moved the child note up a level then in map view dropped it in the to-be parent note/container. I’ll just have to be careful not to move anything within the viewport. I wasn’t able to find information on locking the location.