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Viewing long $Name in Text panel

I have been working on a scientific report, and many of my notes have a long $Name, often a complete sentence.

In the Text panel (on the right side of the window), $Name does not wrap; it gets cut off. Is there an attribute that changes this behavior? It would be desirable to have an attribute that would enable text wrapping, or shrink text to fit into the room available in the header section of the Text panel.

I hope I’ve described it clearly.

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The text in $Name does not wrap. You have a few options:

  1. If you click into the name you can use the arrow keys or ⌘+left or right arrow keys to navigate the text
  2. Hover the cursor over the note name in the text panel and a tool-tip appears with the full name
  3. Create a $HoverExpression that is simply $Name, and when you hover over the note in an outline or map, etc., the name will appear in a tool-tip
  4. Add $Name as a Key Attribute and hover the cursor over that KA in the text pane – the full name will appear in a tool tip.

Thanks for the suggestions. In particular, suggestions 1 and 2 are most appealing since they require no tinkering.

I had been doing suggestion 1, but I thought I would more carefully observe TBX behavior when I do it. I noticed that upon clicking on the Name in the Text Panel, a highlight appears to reveal a bounding box that seems dedicated to display $Name. The box is taller than is needed for one line of text (perhaps that depends on the font size?), providing ample space to wrap $Name to display more content.

I offer it as a suggestion to provide an option to wrap/resize text to fit $Name into the header of the Text Panel. The space is already there, and code for dynamic text-wrapping is already a part of TBX in other places (e.g., displaying note titles in Map view). It seems like an implementable feature. Consider it a small feature suggestion.



thanks for sharing:slight_smile: