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Viewing old backup of Tindebox HTML doc

I created a website using Tinderbox in the early aughts and archived it when it went offline in 2010. The contents are supposedly in a file on my hard drive that carries the name “Backup.sparseimage”. I have not used Tinderbox for several years. Does anyone know if I’ll be able to open this file and view the contents if I upgrade to the latest version? And does anyone have a suggestion of how I can preserve the contents offline so that I do not have to use Tinderbox to view the files? TIA.

Can you read the sparsebundle? If not, you might need a Mac utility to do so. Once you have the contents of the bundle I’m sure the community here can help you revise/re-construct any necessary export templates.

Thanks, Mark. The message I’m getting is: The “disk images could not be opened because … no mountable file system.” Not sure what that means. Would the mountable file system be Tinderbox?

No, the ‘sparsebundle’ is a Mac OS X thing, and I think within that context it’s a TimeMachine. So for now this isn’t a Tinderbox issue, until you can read the sparsebundle, there’s no TBX file for the Tinderbox to look at or HTML files to view with a web browser.

I think at this point you would to best ask in an OS X or TimeMachine related forum about accessing sparsebundle contents.