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Viewing older tinderbox example files (hard to read)

I find sometimes older example files which show up with a white text on a white background.
In order to make them visible again:
Use Document settings and for the Outline check Black titles.

Probably better is to re-apply a newer colour palette. I’m working on some v5-era files of late and they open but—owing to the passage of time and app improvements since the TBX was last opened—sometimes there is some visual tweaking to do.

I often set the ‘Tinderbox 7’ palette first which is closest to older standards and customise from there.

So, if you start with sorting out the colour palette, you likely won’t need to resort to ‘black titles’.


like this I guess.
Bild 17.02.21 um 16.22

Yes. One significant change in more recent times is Apple’s dark/light mode where colours need defining twice of not more (Apple’s implementation is not without issues still).

Tinderbox’s newer templates (certainly v8+) have been revised to reflect the dark/light OS feature: see more.