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Viewing Websites from attributes

Back several versions ago I remember being able to view websites from within Tinderbox. I have a huge list of websites that I needed to go through and update. Some are no longer around, etc. and the ability to view and edit at the same time was helpful. I now can’t remember how I used to do it and with changes to the program, I am not sure if it can still be done. Can anyone offer some suggestions?

You don’t say where where your info is stored (as note text $Text is an attribute) but there are three possibilities which spring to mind. I suspect you mean the first, but I’ll cover all angles in case.

1 URL-type attributes, including the built-in $URL.

From at least v2.3.4 in October 2004 (see) up to v5.12.3 (see) you could open a URL stored in $URL via the note’s windows sidebar. A method that went away with the Tinderbox app redesign for v6.0.0 in June 2014. Since then any URL-type attribute (including $URL) which is displayed in Displayed Attributes table (previously termed Key Attributes) will show a globe icon. Clicking that globe will open the URL in a web browser allowing you to check the URL still works. To alter the URL data, edit the attribute storing the URL. If it is in the Displayed Attributes, the data will be displayed to the right of the globe.

2. Weblinks in note text ($Text).

Since Tinderbox started (2001) if you, the user, selected some text (which might be the actual URL or some anchor text) you could create a weblink. Clicking that link in the note’s $Text opens the link in a browser allowing validation. To edit that link (or delete it) select the note with the link and open the Browse Links dialog.

3. Smart URLs.

From v9.0.0 Tinderbox can detect URLs in text, including active links in pasted in web text, and adopt these as Tinderbox weblinks. These are used /edited as in #2 above.

Are you referring to have two side-by-side windows, one to preview and one to edit? I don’t think this is possible.

Nor has it been—at least since 2004, when I first started using Tinderbox.

I would deploy a dedicated app like BookMacster to sift through URLs. I’m not even sure this is a best-case application for Tinderbox.