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Visualise selected attributes in note


Is there a way to visualise an attribute ‘content’ in a similar way to a badge?
Possibly differentiated in visibility in some way as to not confuse with the note title or content.

I’m specifically looking for $URL, this might be e.g. the globe like badge, and this would then be clickable to open the link…
This should need to also work with back links.

Thanks for thinking with me!


Some possibilities include

  • DisplayExpression lets you display the result of an expression as the name of the note. For example, a DisplayExpression of $Name+":"+$URL would display the note’s name, a colon, and the value of $URL.

  • HoverExpression works like DisplayExpression, but its result appears when the mouse remains stationery over the note.

  • Subtitle appears beneath the title if there’s space. A Rule might set the $Subtitle to the note’s $URL.

  • Caption appears beneath the note. Again, a Rule might set the $Caption to the note’s $URL.

  • Perhaps you don’t want to see the URL itself, but want to distinguish notes that have a URL. An agent could locate those notes, and its action might set a distinctive Color, or Border, or Badge, or some other visual property

MarkB, thanks!

I assume ‘clickable’ remains reserved for a next release? :wink:

To open the URL, make URL a key attribute for the note. Then, when the note is selected, you can click the “globe” icon in the key attributes pane to open the URL.

If you want to open the URL automatically whenever the note is selected, set $ViewInBrowser to true.