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"Watch Folder from Notes" and Catalina (10.15)

Apparently MacOS 10.15 release is imminent, so it’s worth cautioning potential upgraders that Catalina breaks TBs Watch Folder from Notes feature; the cause seems to be a change in the structure of the Notes database.

I know @eastgate is aware, but I don’t know whether a solution is possible. If you’re a serious user of this feature, you might want to hold off upgrading MacOS for a while.

The new Reminders app has broken CalDAV sync as well, causing problems for users of some 3rd part calendar nd task management apps (BusyCal and 2Do, for example).

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Just wondering whether a fix for this is likely (or even possible)? I appreciate that changes to Apple apps are beyond the control of @eastgate and that without decent documentation developing a fix is (to say the least) a challenge.

It would be helpful to know whether to treat this feature as dead or merely resting :slight_smile:


I’ve been trying to work with the Apple Notes AppleScript dictionary in Catalina, recently. It appears that Apple either changed the osascript definitions for Notes and did not publish documentation, or Apple broke osascript for Notes somehow, or both. Scripts that worked on 10.14 do not work in 10.15, which might be contributing to @eastgate’s issues.

Thanks for the additional info. It would be nice if Apple said one way or the other, but I expect we’ll just have to wait.

I just want to know whether I need a temporary workaround or a new workflow - hopefully there will be enough info to tell me fairly soon

Importing from Notes to DEVONthink is also broken. So, the old workaround of importing to DEVONthink from Notes then watching that DEVONthink group no longer works. Apple has made Notes into an impregnable island in Catalina, it seems. Could be a permissions issue.

We’re working on these scripting issues…

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Thank you - much appreciated

It looks like there’s a mistake in the Catalina version of Notes, one that throws an exception on just about any script. So, we’re stuck at the moment, but this is the sort of thing that’s very likely to get fixed in the short run.

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OK - thanks for the update

Any new information here?

Upgrades… :scream: … especially major versions