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Watch Folder seems not to update

Hi All - I’m having an issue here. My container doesn’t appear to update when files are added to the Watch Folder. Have waited, closed and re-opened, changed folders, and so on, without luck.

Clearly, the actual mechanism is working - when I create a new container and set a WF, TB correctly pulls in all the files(say X count) within that folder. But any additions to the WF are ignored - if I add a file to the WF and then create a new container in TB and apply the WF attribute, the new container correctly pulls in the files (X+1). But the previous container remains at X file count.

I did all this with a test TB file and it can easily be replicated.
My Watch Folders currently reside in my iCloud folder fyi. All the watched files are either txt, rtf, or md.

My understanding is the update is not designed to be instantaneous (so as not to constantly tie up resources). The source is first polled at creation of the watched folder in Tinderbox.
Thereafter, I believe, the refresh cycle is linked to the ‘Network’ cycle as seen on the Agents & Rules tab of the Tinderbox Inspector, i.e. periodically not continuously. I don’t know if there is a way to ‘force refresh’ a watched folder on demand.

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I did test the following scenarios, to no avail:

  • waited for minutes/hours
  • saved/closed/re-opened the test tbx file a few times
  • updated agents manually (Menu File/Update Agents Now), observing the Agents&Rules tab of the Inspector
  • waited for iCloud sync to run (a couple cycles).

I’m also able to see the changes to my Watched Folder effected on multiple iOS/Mac OS devices, so am sure the break - if there is one - is occurring after that point.

On a general level - I have been struggling to find a reliable way to get Notes from myiPhone/iPad into TBX WITH somewhat accurate $Created attributes for a couple years now. The Watch Notes feature was the closest this came to working effectively. That is, until Catalina.

Storing Creation date (and time) with each note is crucial to my workflow. Since the $Created attribute is not user-changeable, I’ve run with a self-generated $TimeStamp attribute but it’s getting onerous, taking too much time for housekeeping and taking bandwidth away from actually working with ideas. Particularly as I typically generate anywhere between 20-50 notes a week, farmed into 5-7 different TBX docs. Maintaining separate $WatchFolders with corresponding Apple Notes folders allowed me to function reasonably smoothly - I was able to append individual Notes too, which was a perk for my needs. I don’t believe Tot will work for me as it doesn’t allow more than 7 notes, as I understand it. I’ve tried generating CSVs, Filemaker-to-Go scripts, exporting CSVs from Numbers, and so on… each of these takes more headroom than actually sketching the notes on a scrap of paper, and manually entering them in TB when I get to my computer, it feels like sometimes!

Maybe I’m missing something obvious. I’ve looked through the guides, The Tinderbox Way (which I HIGHLY recommend to anyone who doesn’t own it yet!), scoured the forums…

Any suggestions, as always, would be highly appreciated!

I think this is one to take to tech support (info@eastgate.com) as this is an under-the-hood issue and we’ve tapped out the available documentation. As I’m not on Catalina I can’t test, but I do vaguely recall it broke (inside the Apple part of things) some of the functionality compared to Mojave.

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OK thanks @mwra :+1:t4:

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