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Watched Apple Notes loses formatting — expected behaviour?


I’ve just started playing with the Apple Notes Watched Folder feature which seems to work well.

The only problem is that watched notes lose basic text formatting, such as bold and italics. Funnily enough, more complicated formatting such as tables, images and bullet points come through more or less intact, but headings, bold, italics and underlining is lost.

I thought it might be an issue with the Imported From Notes prototype font, so I changed it to one which definitely has bold etc support, but the result is still the same.

Am I doing something wrong, or is this a bug / expected behaviour? I can’t find any reference to formatting in the Help, Atbref or this forum, and I’m sure it would have been mentioned somewhere by now, so I’m assuming it’s my fault…


BTW I’ve just downloaded TBX9 — it looks very impressive, particular the markdown enhancements. Excellent work, thanks!

True! In trying to ensure that the imported text uses your textFont we are inadvertently removing bold and italics. This should be remedied shortly.


Thanks for the quick response Mark! (It did sound like an odd thing to be happening.)

And just to reiterate — TBX9 looks like a really impressive step forward in many areas, not just new features, but addressing some ‘ease of use’ issues.

E.g. the Tabs Gallery, and the ability to cycle through the preview panels with cmd-opt E are going to be very useful even before I explore some of the new stuff.

Kudos to everybody who worked on the new release.

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