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Watched DEVONthink Groups Not Updating

Hi Everyone. I’ve got a problem that wasn’t occurring before; not sure when it started. At the top level of my TB map I created a note and had it watch a DT group. The group contains emails that I sent to DT from Airmail. This group is at the top level of the DT database. The note converts itself into a container, as expected, and when I go into it the emails are there as separate notes, also as expected. However, if I send more emails from Airmail to the DT group, and I’m talking a small number of simple emails, not huge files, the TB container never updates to show the new emails. Not ever. However, if I delete and recreate the watch container, it then picks up all the emails including the new ones and, once again, never refreshes. Has anyone encountered this before?

Thanks in advance for any help.


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My understanding is these watches are not instant/always sync as that would chew lots of resource for little gain. I’d check directly with support on the expected periodicity of watching.

Thanks Mark, but I’ve waited days. The emails are just text, there’s only about a dozen of them, and the tbx file is about as simple as they get. I’ll ask support at some point, using my phone at the moment and my thumbs are rebelling.

Support is at info@eastgate.com and is likely to get a quicker answer for this sort of issue than we users can give here.

This works fine here. Send details to info@eastgate.com and we’re happy to investigate.