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Watched Tot text forced refresh

Hi folks,
I’ve gone ahead and bought Tot and configured TB to watch updates. How does one force a Tinderbox refresh manually so that latest Tot text changes are reflected instantly please? If it is not possible to manually intervene, is there a setting to change the automatic update frequency?
Thanks, and hopes everyone is staying safe,

My understanding is the refresh cycle is that seen at the bottom of the Agents & Rules Inspector. I’m not aware of either and on-demand refresh or a setting to control speed. the latter seems unlikely as the ‘network’ processes need to dovetail with the agent/rule update cycle. I suspect that the bigger/busier the document there may be some impact on the network cycle time.

Probably only @eastgate can clarify this?

Thanks Mark.

It’s based on the watch dispatch queue, which runs about every 20 agent updates. You can see the cycle in Tinderbox Inspector:Agents and Rules.

Closing and reopening a document is a handy way to force this.

I’d not anticipated a need for a manual update. Could be done, but I’m not sure that it justify a menu item.

Note to the inquisitive reader: you won’t actually see the circular Network progress report animate unless your document has tasks to do (including agents, rules, edicts etc.).