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Watched Tot text forced refresh

Hi folks,
I’ve gone ahead and bought Tot and configured TB to watch updates. How does one force a Tinderbox refresh manually so that latest Tot text changes are reflected instantly please? If it is not possible to manually intervene, is there a setting to change the automatic update frequency?
Thanks, and hopes everyone is staying safe,

My understanding is the refresh cycle is that seen at the bottom of the Agents & Rules Inspector. I’m not aware of either and on-demand refresh or a setting to control speed. the latter seems unlikely as the ‘network’ processes need to dovetail with the agent/rule update cycle. I suspect that the bigger/busier the document there may be some impact on the network cycle time.

Probably only @eastgate can clarify this?

Thanks Mark.

It’s based on the watch dispatch queue, which runs about every 20 agent updates. You can see the cycle in Tinderbox Inspector:Agents and Rules.

Closing and reopening a document is a handy way to force this.

I’d not anticipated a need for a manual update. Could be done, but I’m not sure that it justify a menu item.

Note to the inquisitive reader: you won’t actually see the circular Network progress report animate unless your document has tasks to do (including agents, rules, edicts etc.).

Sorry if this is obvious, but how does one stop Tot being automatically executed and invoked when you don’t want it to be please? I’m not sure how to “turn it off” so to speak.

Set the attribute $Tot of the container to ""?

Thanks. That did the trick.