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Watching a DevonThink group

Hi all,

I recently wanted to act on some “text-only” content in a DT3 folder, and realized this is a great job for Tinderbox.

Now I’d never tried to do this before, but I was dimly aware this was a supported feature – but I couldn’t figure it out for the first fifteen minutes or so, and I was going to ask "how do I do this?.

Then I stumbled across this screenshot in an earlier post on this form: Possible problem with Watching DEVONthink Groups in Tinderbox, and I was able to set up “watching a group” by doing the following:

  1. Create a note
  2. Open Inspector
  3. Select category “Watch”
  4. Select sub-category “DevonThink Group”
  5. Within DT3, right-click on the group, select “Copy Item Link”
  6. Paste this within the inspector

… and after some time, voila! … the selected note becomes a container for new notes corresponding to entries from DT3. Problem solved! :slight_smile:

So now my question is: is this the best way to set up a watch on a DT3 group? (or have I just worked around it in an obtuse way right now?)

Much thanks,

See here for more instructions.

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OK, I’ve updated the page on this feature as I had contradictory instructions (due to feature evolution). You may have more than one watched DEVONthink group in a TBX but use common sense - if you all lots of tracking it may impact general performance. And, remember watched groups are not (and weren’t intended for) syncing DEVONthink and Tinderbox. The method lets Tinderbox watch DEVONthink data.

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Is syncing DEVONthink and Tinderbox theoretically possible? If so, does either party have any interest in enabling this?

The two applications have very different missions; Tinderbox is for analysis, DEVONthink is a repository. Syncing is not, in general, a good idea.

For some special cases, I agree this would be attractive.