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Watching A Notes Folder

Hi I am no way whatsoever an expert user but apart from that this seems to be the right category for this request.

I’ve set TB up to watch my icloud Notes folder. That works well. I’m now trying to get it to watch additional folders I’ve created myself, ie folders at the same hierarchical level as the Notes folder. But these containers just return the contents of the Notes folder again… they don’t seem to be watching the folder I’ve asked them to watch. Is there something basic I’m not doing, here?

thanks in advance.


Are you watching your iCloud Notes folder, or are you watching a folder in Notes? Notes watching uses a separate mechanism from watching Finder folders.

You can create multiple Notes containers for multiple folders in Notes in the upcoming release (and the current backstage release) by choosing File ▸ Watch ▸ Folder from Notes. I believe this is unreliable for multiple folders in 7.3.1 (but I may be thinking of an older release).

Hi there I am watching multiple folders in Notes. They were all created just by clicking the “new folder” button and they sit in the left hand list of folders when I open Notes.

The folders are all iCloud folders, ie not “on my mac”

On the TB side, I get a dialogue when I choose File-Watch-Folder from Notes, which lists, correctly, the names of all the folders I have in Notes. I click on the folder name and TB creates a top level container with the name of the Notes folder in question. I’ve made about three or four of these. I also have a “notes” container which is watching the “notes” folder created by Notes and which can’t be deleted.

So far all good, but then when I look inside the containers, they contain all of the notes in the “notes” folder, regardless of the folder they’ve been assigned to watch.

So that all seems to fit perfectly with what you say above - but how come I can see the folders in the dialogue? I don’t think I have a back stage copy of TB!

But it sounds as if the next release is most likely going to fix all this for me anyway.

Would I be better off using Simplenote? I really like the simplicity and integration of Notes. But if Simplenote is that straightforward and works better with TB then that would work too.

We didn’t expect people to watch multiple Notes folders in the same project.

Oh I see. My motivation is that notes are already sorted by project when I open TB so I don’t have to use an agent or anything. Plus the container arrangement of the TB project I use to monitor notes mirrors the folder structure of Notes, which is always nice. Anyway thanks in advance for the next release. I really like this feature, it’s very easy to use and very helpful.