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Weekend Fun: MS-DOS Game from 1988

Hi everyone,

I recently discovered that archive.org hosts a collection of early MS-DOS games and to my delight, they had a game I played and meticulously documented when I was a teenager, Murder in the Museum. The emulator goes full screen and you can save the game and everything. It was a treat to spend several hours yesterday playing the game and jogging old memories free in my brain about what items to take and how to use them.

You really must draw a map and make notes as you go, particularly because there are codes and safe combinations and such that randomly generate each time you start over. Of course, I found Tinderbox the perfect tool for the task.


Very cool :sunny:

If I remember correctly, a number of years ago (maybe in the old forum) there were a number of discussions about using Tinderbox or Storyspace to build “choose your own adventure” games. Might have been Stacey Mason who wrote about that.