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Weird behavior for "inside()"

I’m using inside() in a query to extract a list of notes in my home rolled CRM system, and I’ve found a weird behavior for the function that frustrated me for a few days.

Initially, my file (descended from the TBX Starter file template) was broken down in two main notes:

  • Content
    • Annuaire
      *John Doe
      *Jane Eyre
    • Test
  • Boiler Room
    (all the backroom stuff, prototypes etc …)

In Test, I created an agent who’s query was inside(Annuaire). So far, so good. I get aliases to my two names in the Annuaire note. But if I try to use absolute paths it gets really weird:
query: inside(’/Content/Annuaire’) yields nothing
renaming Content to CRM and using inside(’/CRM/Annuaire’) yields the expected two names.

Is Content a reserved keyword? Since this behavior appears even in a MWE that’s NOT descended from the TBX Starter file, I can see only this explanation …

I think there are other factors at play. Reproducing your outline and test, I get this:

This would imply there are other factors at play - most likely additional content in the file that’s not mentioned in your description of the problem. Given that renaming the ‘content’ container seems to fix the problem, that would suggest you’ve some naming conflicts. Could you post your MWE file so we can validate your results - as my test shows the current description doesn’t support your findings.