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Welcome! Tips For Getting Help

Some things that often help everyone understand questions:

What are you trying to do or make with Tinderbox?
What steps have you taken thus far?
Do you have samples, examples, or other background information that would help explain what you need?

It’s very helpful (and interesting!) to know in a general way what you’re working on. If possible, it’s even better to have a copy of your working document — or an excerpt or test case.

If something seems wrong, it helps to know:

  1. What you expected
  2. What you observed

This can seem obvious, but clarity often helps!

If something seems to be slower than you’d like, it helps to know how long something took, as best you can tell. In different circumstances, 200 milliseconds is too long, and 20 seconds is pretty fast.


Thank you for the information, time to start

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