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Welcome to Tinderbox Forum

The new Tinderbox Forum is a home for the remarkable community that has grown up around Tinderbox, the tool for notes, and Storyspace, the tool for choice for crafting hypertext narrative.

This can be a great place to find answers to Tinderbox questions and to explore the many ways you can use Tinderbox to visualize, organize, and analyze. For Technical Support, though, it’s better to contact the development team directly at info@eastgate.com.

Isn’t there any way to migrate the old forum to this one?

I cannot help, but keep both forums open all day. The old forum is rich source of information. It would have been much better if we can search and browse it in the new system.

We hope to figure out the problem shortly; there’s something amiss with the server.

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What’s the best way to report bugs? I’ve been working through the tutorial (again), and I found a couple of issues that seem worth reporting somewhere.

Email to bernstein@eastgate.com or info@eastgate.com

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Looking for a coach. 2-hour quick start. Ideally, someone with experience teaching; bonus point skills with dyslexics. Will pay of course. Email paes@hey.com