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What could be causing the suggested links area to flicker off/on?

Recently, I am noticing the “suggested links” area flicker off/on. I do not have any open windows and have only about 300 notes.

I am certain I might have tweaked something I should not have, but not sure where to look or start. Sorry, I cannot share this document as it contains private information.


What you may have, unwittingly, is circular actions that are constantly updating on another.

As an MD, you’ll appreciate the challenge of “it just hurts” as a start for diagnosis. If it flickers but all works it’s only an annoyance. Digging down to the cause can be harder. I’d start by looking at ‘always-on’ code like agent actions and rules. Any code making/breaking links warrants close inspection.

For instance, if a an agent keeps making new aliases and the aliases run some link-related code, it is possible (depends on the detail of the query/action) you are—unintentionally—making a new alias and this link each agent cycle.

Sorry I’ve no direct answer but HTH. :slight_smile:

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This is a great start, thanks mark. I will look at the recent code I tweaked and look for circular references.
Thanks Mark

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