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What determines map focus when you drill down?

In map view, when I double click on a note or press the down arrow to load that container’s map view, what does Tinderbox use to determine the view I see of the map and do I have any influence on this?

Tinderbox will try to scroll to where you were when you last changed the map.

Is this really true? I double-click on a container in map view, then immediately click on the breadcrumb for the previous view, and everything is scrolled off the screen. Always. I didn’t move anywhere, so I expect to see what I saw before drilling down. I’m sure there is a reason, but from my perspective it all appears arbitrary. It makes map view unintuitive and annoying to use.

I appreciate the ability to use different arrangements of notes in map and outline views, and I suspect that is part of the reason why map view works the way it does. I wish there was some kind of option to remember the current origin of the map before drilling down, and always restore that when I jump back up. That would at least make map view act more intuitively.

I am currently test-driving Tinderbox after having watched and read a lot of helpful content. (Please read that as me being a completely new user having downloaded TB just a few days ago.) :blush:

I have struggled with content scrolling exactly as @ccrayton described. I was glad to see someone else having a similar experience re: content being scrolled off the screen when jumping between root and container. I was curious whether this was expected behavior or if I’m doing something wrong. Any guidance would be appreciated.

Thanks for your time,