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What determines the spacing of automatic vertical alignment in map view?

Hi folks, hoping you can cast light please on whether I can influence the extent of the vertical separation between notes in map view when the “distribute vertically” option is chosen for a set of highlighted notes? I noticed that the notes are arranged without any vertical space between them ie as a vertically continuous stack of notes. (I don’t think they were automatically being made composites, by the way.) Can I initiate the automatic vertical distribution with some space left between each note in the stack instead? Regards and thanks, JR

I believe it is the spacing of the first two items in the selection, or the first and the nearest note in the selection. If the alignment is to even up the notes in the selection I think it may divide the available free space between the number of spaces between the notes in the selection.

It is certainly the case that most alignment options take their string X/Y or height/width from the first note in the selection.

Now having had a chance to test, my assumptions above prove true.

Tip, if using a band-box selection, first select a note you want to be the ‘first’ (i.e. reference ) note in the resulting selection. A band selection will then add extra items but the pre-selected one will be treated as the first.