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What do the +numbers in Chart View represent?

Perhaps explained in the ref, I see +numbers associated with various notes in my document +58, +30, +12 and so on. Are these weighted numbers implying some kind of significance?

I’m not sure when this got added (or changed to current form, but the number is indicating the number of descendants of collapsed/closed branches of the chart. Thus, below, the collapsed branch “A timeline” has 7 notes (including aliases, agents, etc.) descended from it:

Expanding the branch we see this is 6 children one of which has a child of its own, i.e. 7 in total:

Checking further, these count figures on collapsed container include agents and aliases but exclude any adornments or spearators. This makes sense as neither of the latter two types of objects is drawn in chart view.

I should note that Get Info/info for a view shows child and descendant counts that include separators but not adornments. This likely reflects the fact that queries can match separators but adornments are always excluded from agent query/find() matches.

I’ve checked and aTbRef doesn’t these counts, so i’ve made a note to address that oversight.

Thanks for clarifying. A nifty way of viewing content quickly and then navigating/traversing through it.

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aTbRef Chart view page is now updated. :slight_smile:

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