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What I’m Doing This Week


Many congratulations MarkB.

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Congratulations! An award named after Douglas Engelbart must be “the mother of all awards” :wink:

Congratulations! Well deserved.

You’ve up-leveled the discussion of how technology impacts society and the lives of citizens everywhere. The world desperately needs more thoughtful discussion and analysis of how to tame the monsters we’ve created, and apply them to the constructive benefit of all.

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Congratulations, Mark.

Here is the paper, in case someone else was about to look it up.


Nice! Hoist a frosty or two!

Awesome! and congratulations!

Félicitations !

Congratulations @eastgate!!

Belated congrats!

Way cool!!! Can you share your paper?

If you are looking for Mark‘s paper, a link is in @Bernard-0‘s reply!

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Thanks. I missed that. :wink:

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