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What is the difference between the new v9 action codes: neighbors vs neighbors2, neightborsWithin vs neighbors2Within?

I am having trouble understanding the difference between two sets (neighbors and neighborsWithin) and (neighbors2 and neighbors2Within). They seem so similar…but yet I know there is something I am missing.

What is the difference between them?
When would you decide between the two sets?

Thanks in advance

The 2 version differ in that the non-‘2’ versions only consider outbound links by the ‘2’ versions allow for inbound and outbound links.

The ‘within’ version allow the number of links distant to be scope. The non-within versions allow you to check items exactly N links distant. The within versions check within 1 and N links.

Thanks Mark, that helps a lot. I was not sure what the “2” stood for. Now it makes sense.


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