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What is the refresh rate of a Watched Folder based on, and can that value be modified?

I’m trying to determine this; it seems that every 10 min or so, contents of a WF are re-read from disk. Is there any way to alter the frequency of, or force-refresh, this read?


Have you tried changing $AgentPriority? Not sure if this is the right one, but it is worth a try.

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Nope — it’s on its own clock, I believe. But it always refreshes on load.

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OK thanks. I made a couple of 1-note test projects and set a WF in each; I was also able to set multiple WFs in a project. The refreshes worked perfectly, although not immediately, on loading - it does take a couple minutes, but once it happens it’s word-accurate. Tbx even “live” tracks changes to WFs - those changes appear to trigger every few (5-10?) minutes. Pretty pretty cool.

I notice aTbRef doesn’t address refresh, so I propose adding this to the note on Watched Folders:

Refresh timing: all watched folders are refreshed when the TBX document is opened. Then, while the document remains open, the folders are refreshed periodically on their own cycle. The frequency of that cycle is not documented and no force refresh mechanism is known.

I did wonder if a forced agent update (“Update Agents Now”) might tighter an out-of-cycle update. But as this is an internal system, it’s not possible to test this unambiguously as a user.

I think it is useful to document formally:

  • roughly how often updates occur. For instance, for edicts is it approximately hourly.
  • A ‘force update now’ mechanism if there is one.

Side note: I presume DEVONthink watched groups use the same update cycle as watched folders but that too is a guess as it’s not documented.


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Yes, this is true.


Thanks. Note on Watched folders and Watched Groups duly updated.

I can always elucidate if more detail is pertinent. But this fills a gap (noting some here are travelling in the short term).

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