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What is this? A text space without a box

Screenshot 2021-12-13 at 2.49.16 PM

I don’t know how I managed to get the text without a box. Not able to delete the same. Any suggestion on how to delete it, and if it is a feature what purpose does it serve?

Hard to tyell from just the picture It might be a visual artefact if you’ve been experimenting. If the item on the left is selectable, you may have mede an adornment or transparent note. Otherwise I’d guess it is some sort of visual artefact caused by who knows what.

Any, to remove it you can try, in order of escalation (stop if the first one works, etc.):

  • Change view types. If it really is a note it will show up in thr different view and can be altered or deleted . But, note that adornments only show in Map view.
  • Click the tab (tab label area) of the currnet tab in the document window. Depending on how much content is in the view you may see the label sown beifly in red text (means Tinderbox is working on the view).
  • close the doc and app and re-open both.

One of those should fix the issue. If the text is still there and none of the above fixes it, you might consider sending the file to Tech Support (being a user forum, users here can’t do more than you can with in in terms of diagnosis.)

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oh! Restarting has resolved it. Thanks a bunch!

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Definitely a bug.

Happens when I copy paste a bunch of notes from one folder to another. cc @eastgate

Screenshot 2021-12-13 at 5.34.33 PM

Thanks for the follow up. Having identified this as an actual issue, it is now probably best to email the details direct to Tech Support (tinderbox@eastgate.com).

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Please send a copy of the document, and detailed instructions for reproducing the issue.

The issue resolved when I close Tinderbox and open again. It happens for all documents and not one particular document.

It happens when I copy paste notes or move them in hierarchy in the Map view.

I will email you a file if this issue makes life unbearable as a bit tied up with a blogpost delivery.