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What's going on with note selection in Attribute Browser?

Hi, I noticed some strange behavior while using the Attribute Browser. It seems like my note selection on the left doesn’t match the note display on the right (see screenshots to see note names not matching between left and right).

When I flip back and forth between Outline view and the AB, the Outline view seems to show the notes correctly. Anyone else having this problem in the AB, or am I missing something about the AB?

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I can’r replicate this. Can you post a link to the file showing this issue and describe (with sufficient detail) the steps needed to trigger the issue.

I’m assuming, as you don’t say otherwise, the the problem file has only 3 notes. If not, all sorts of other factors need to be considered but we can’t consider what we don’t know. :wink:

Hi Mark, sure… I attached the file to this reply. I’m using TBX 8.1.0. test.tbx (116.6 KB)

  1. View the notes in the Outline view and arrow-key up and down to cycle through notes. It looks fine.
  2. Pop over to the Attribute Browser and arrow-key up and down. Now the note list (left side) selection seems disconnected from the note content (right side) selection.

All works fine here. I added, per your original post, an outline tab. Although AB view and Outline hold a different per-tab focus, I can’t replicate the issue of AB view and text pane not matching up.

The only time I’ve encountered effects of that type is _very occasionally in testing with very large/complex files. I certainly wouldn’t expect a 3 note doc to have this issue.

I’ve attached an animated GIF to show… note that there aren’t multiple tabs, just that same window with one tab. Swapping between the AB and Outline views seems to trigger a mismatch in the AB view. (Multiple tabs, as you tried, does seem to work as intended, though. So, that’s good!)

In the GIF, I first arrow-key up/down around the Outline view. All is good. Then, I select the AB view, and point out the mismatched note selection between left and right.

I’ve followed the steps in the the GIF, using a single outline and the View menu to change the view type. I cannot replicate the error you are showing. Ah, I’m using the current beta. In v8.1.0b405, I can replicate this. So it looks like this is an issue that is already fixed and should be in the next release.

In the meantime, it seems there is a workaround of using two tabs rather than switching view type in the same one.

Perfect! Thanks for taking your time on this issue. I’ll keep an eye out for the next patched TBX version.