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What's new in 7.1.0?

Is there a changelog that shows new features in 7.1.0 other than: “The new version has lots of lovely little improvements and optimizations, including improved import from our SummerFest friends DEVONthink Pro Office and Bookends.” ?

duh - in the Software Help - ‘Recent Changes’ section via index

Drear PaulWalters,

Thanks in advance.
[ Check also the Notes.tbx document in the Tinderbox Backstage shared folder on Dropbox.]

Would you mind being a bit more specific?
It is not known exactly how and where.

I am afraid that I can not find this Topic from
[http://www.eastgate.com/Tinderbox/] >
[FRIENDLY] > [backstage ] > ???where??? or some where else??? where should I access ?

Truly Yours, WAKAMATSU

I think this folder is part of the “Backstage” program for Eastgate/Tinderbox. It’s a different, premium service, for an extra cost, that you can read about here. That link says “Tinderbox Six,” but the Backstage program also applies for TB 7. It’s mainly a way to see the ongoing flow of early betas before the formal release candidates.

Drear James Fallows,

Thanks a lot FYIG.