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Where are the badges?

Where can I find a list of the available badges? When I click on Help/Reveal Support Folder there is a directory named “Badges” but there isn’t anything in it.

The Badges folder in TB Support is for your own custom badges. You can see the badges built-into TB by clicking the badge button. For example, below is how you’d display available badges from a note in Map view.


The same badge symbol (#1 in the grab above) is used in Outline/Chart/Timeline views where it appears to the left of the note title between the title and the note icon. The symbol is only drawn when a note is selected; agents and adornments can also use badges.

To find the name of a badge, such as you might use in action code to set $Badge, open the badge pop-up (#2 above) and then place your cursor over a mouse (without clicking) and the name will show a a pop-up tooltip. Note that these names are case-sensitive. Most built-in badge names are all-lower-case with the exception of some of the ‘Avatar’ set (why those differ I’ve no idea).

In each sub-set of badges (User, Classic, etc.) the top left position is always blank and sets ‘none’, i.e. no value and so resetting $Badge to its default inherited value.

I mainly use my own badges (icons that I’ve acquired here and there). As @Russel says, the folder in ~/Library/Application Support/Tinderbox/badges can have your own badges stored there.

Or, what I do, I add aliases to the folders where I store my icons. For example I use the Jolly Icons set. The originals are in my icons folder in Documents. I make an alias to the /Documents/Jolly folder and place it in the Tinderbox support folders thus: ~/Library/Application Support/Tinderbox/badges/↷Jolly. Thus, in the Badges panel @Russel shows above, I have tabs for Jolly and the other personal icon sets I use.

See more here.


It sounds like the only way to see the available badges is to:

  1. go into map view
  2. select a note
  3. click on the expansion symbol
    4 .hover over the icon

I wanted to set $Badge for notes in outline view. I didn’t even think of switching to a view that I never use, then clicking something labeled “+”.

Can we please add something to the Help menu to list the badges?

No! Please re-read my earlier answer above. The badge pop-over may be opened from most, but not all, view types.

Here is the badge control in an outline view. Observe that it only shows for a selected note (same a in map view, etc.):

See more here.


It would still help to have the badges documented somewhere named “Badges”, or even online somewhere. It is unintuitive when writing a rule to go into an individual note and click on “+”.

Yes, see the link I posted above. Here it is again.

Rules don’t make you interact with the interface. If you want a Rule to set a badge, then determine the badge’s name, as above, and use something like this to set it:


Like many visual features of Tinderbox, the badge for a note is controlled by an attribute. $Badge

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Another simple way to check the name/spelling/case of a particular badge for use in action code is to make a new note, set $Badge as a key attribute, and then use the badge pop-up to use a desired badge. The name will now show in the note’s KA. Once you have the needed name(s) you can delete the note.

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Or simply open the Badge panel and hover the pointer over the badge whose name you want to know. A tooltip will appear with the name.

I really like the functionality of using an alias to create additional tabs in the badges popup window. However, I can’t seem to replicate this. Is this technique documented anywhere?

Not sure about the documentation. Just tried this in 7.5.6 and it’s not working. In fact, if I delete a folder alias the menu does not update to reflect that, either. I granted Tinderbox “Full Disk Access” in system privacy settings – no joy.

I assume there’s a cache that needs flushed somewhere. I’ll report it.

IIRC, you normally need to restart Tinderbox after making changes to files in the App Support folders.

I know that. I’ve done that repeatedly (and rebooted) and the change to “badges” folder do not get reflected in the app. There’s a bug.

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I did the same thing this morning. Added the folder alias, then quit and restarted TB.
Sorry it’s not working for Paul, but taking comfort I’m not losing my mind. :neutral_face:

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