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Where do I change the default Title text color?

If I select, say, Modern as the color scheme, the result is as below.
How do I change the default color of the (I think it is) Title text, so that when I create a new note, it will default to, say, black?
Document settings have Text color set to black, so I guess that is just for the note body text.


Screen Shot 2022-03-19 at 1.49.16 PM

You’re likely running into an edge case due to dark vs light mode: Modern was, if I recall, designed for light mode.

The color you want to change is $NameColor, which you can adjust in the Maps pane of Document Settings. The pane above adjusts the text color and background.

Sorry, maybe I’m missing something.
I don’t see NameColor in Maps, just background colors.

Not every attribute is in the Map setting dialog. In this case, $NameColor is almost invariably left as the default of automatics (black, white or an orange-ish colour if not eough contrast using black/white.

If you look at Map Settings pop-over and the sub-pages to Maps, you will see that $NameColor is not listed. Therefore you need to set the value elsewhere. You can set $NameColor in one of two places:

  • The Document Inspector ‘system’ tab. This sets the value for the +whole document_ as with Doc Settings.
  • For the current note(s) using Text Inspector ‘title’ tab

Thanks. I finally found NameColor.

I see that TitleBackgroundColor is deprecated.
Is there a replacement?

I would like to create a band of color to set off the title of the note.

No, as it relates to an older version of the app pre-v6 and which was replaced in 2014. In map view, he colour of the note icon. I don’t believe that attribute even does anything in v6+. The background color of the note title ($Name) in map view is $Color, i.e. the colour of the note icon on the map.