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Why a text window and where is it after closing?

You guys are so fast with your improvements. I cannot keep up.

Now you have a text window that is separate from and additional to the old text view.

I type in the text window close the window and cannot find it again.

I am not sure why I would want a text window in addition to the text view.

When I want to focus on a very small part of my work, I find very useful to be able to open a window that I can resize as I want. And when I close that window, I find again my text in the place I wrote it. A window is for me such as an opening on your work, as if you looked at it with a magnifying glass. But I think that the metaphors we use to describe our usage of text windows are as many as we are.

… also

The Text Window (opened from the contextual menu or ⌥⌘X) is useful to have when you are browsing a map or timeline and do not want to have the normal text pane open.

The text window is a separate window that contains only the text pane of the note that was selected when you opened the text window.

if you are losing the open text window, rigth click on the Tinderbox icon of your Dock to find the list of open text windows.

if you are losing the closed text window, you have to look at the map or outline view of your main note.

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Thanks everyone. I am on board again.