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Why does my exported note look so unreadable?


I exported a note via the HTML prototype and then converted into a PDF via a the native safari export function. As I like to read it on my iPad and make highlights and notes.

But then I imported the same PDF into my PDF reader called Liquid and it is almost unreadable. (Check screenshot below)

Can you guys let me know how can I export beautiful notes which are readable on the iPad?

We can’t really do much to debug Liquid here!

It doesn’t look like you’ve applied much styling to your HTML export. It’s easy to add some CSS styles to set margins and perhaps choose some nicer fonts.

Is there a reason you’re using HTML export and not Text Export? The latter gives you a little more control, and it’s easier to tinker with the styling in a text editor than in a browser.

Yes, it would help a lot to see your exported HTML (by all mean shorted/replace the text).

The default HTML template applies no styling, so what you get is Safari’s baked-in default styling (these days it is some internal CSS - all web browsers do this).

If you don’t style your text as you wish, you will get Safari’s default formatting. A case of ‘garbage in-garbage out’. :open_mouth:

As regards styling HTML with CSS, see https://www.w3schools.com which has tutorials on CSS use. In Tinderbox, you can either place CSS within the <head>…</head> section of the HTML template or use an external CSS file (again see CSS tutorials for this). That file can be created/exported by Tinderbox (indeed, this is how aTbRef does its CSS styling).