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Why is my Tinderbox crashing so much?


I purchased an upgrade last month.

This is a bit Urgent

My tinderbox crashes every time I am in my “watched folders” trying to check my apple notes.

Just not able to work and it is driving me nuts, as I take a lot of quick notes on apple notes and this integration for a life saver for me, but Tinderbox crashes within seconds I get into my watched folder.


It not crashing now.

But I would like to know, why it is happening?

This is difficult for the forum—as fellow users—to diagnose as most likely it relates to your system and your notes. I’m not aware of a general problem with watched folders and notes.

As Tinderbox’s ‘watch’ is one way - it just generates copies of the currently watched notes, you could try deleting the current watched folder, then saving and closing the TBX document. then re-open and re-watch Notes. If the problem persists, it may be a problem within your Notes infrastructure. to be clear, nothing your doing is wrong, but there may be a hidden gremlin in your Apple Notes data. Another factor is whether you use the iCloud or not. aAt that point it might be better to contact formal Tech Support (info tinderbox@eastgate.com) as a closer look at you TBX may be required. [Edit: fixed email address to use one recommended below by @eastgate]

Also as a general point. For issues like crashes, if it’s urgent, I’d suggest contacting support as well as posting here. This is a user-to-user forum, so we can’t see under the hood of the app so those sort of issues are harder to advise upon.

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BTW, watch folders are great! I find Drafts to be a more extensible tool for managing notes, and there is a GREAT apple script that you can use to send your notes in Drafts to Tinderbox. I need to do a video on this.

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Hey Mark,

Will write an email to you if the crash issue becomes unbearable.

I have deleted the watched folder and added again. It seems to have stabilised. But if it starts crashing again, I will connect over an email.

oh, I am falling in love with apple notes as it getting exciting with iOS 15 releasing and the ability to call up apple note from anywhere seems to be a great feature.

Have been used drafts for long also, love it. But I have never worked with apple scripts so there is a learning curve friction for me.

Will check out your recommended option too.

Thanks Michael.

Sending your crash logs to tinderbox@eastgate.com is highly recommended and very helpful.

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Not to me :slight_smile: - I’m just a fellow user (whilst also mod/admin of the forum here) and not part of Eastgate. Please use: tinderbox@eastgate.com to contact Tinderbox Technical support.


Oh boy, I confused you with Mark Bernstein. Apologies

No worries—I’m flattered! :rofl:


Thanks a lot for this question. But after doing certain steps, some error messages are coming up so I am sharing all of these -
Windows unit test machine is periodically crashing in gfxTextRun::~gfxTextRun() when running mochitest-plain tests.

Example logs:

Crash address: 0x0

Stack crawl:

0 xul.dll!nsTArray<gfxTextRun::GlyphRun>::~nsTArray<gfxTextRun::GlyphRun>() [nsTArray.h:7f359d93170a : 267 + 0x5]
eip = 0x101c5059 esp = 0x0012e11c ebp = 0x0012e174 ebx = 0x0719c401
esi = 0x0719c428 edi = 0x0ac5841c eax = 0x00000000 ecx = 0x0719c428
edx = 0xf57b0012 efl = 0x00010202
1 xul.dll!gfxTextRun::~gfxTextRun() [gfxFont.cpp:7f359d93170a : 1409 + 0xf]
eip = 0x10632267 esp = 0x0012e124 ebp = 0x0012e174
2 xul.dll!gfxTextRun::`vector deleting destructor’(unsigned int) + 0x35
eip = 0x101bdd3c esp = 0x0012e12c ebp = 0x0012e174
3 xul.dll!nsTextFrame::ClearTextRun() [nsTextFrameThebes.cpp:7f359d93170a : 3692 + 0x7]
eip = 0x1027213a esp = 0x0012e138 ebp = 0x0012e174 ebx = 0x0719c418
4 xul.dll!nsTextFrame::Destroy() [nsTextFrameThebes.cpp:7f359d93170a : 3345 + 0x4]
Basically, I also want to migrate retail erp software, but while crashing I am unable to fetch previous details.
eip = 0x102729eb esp = 0x0012e144 ebp = 0x0012e174 ebx = 0x00000000
5 xul.dll!nsLineBox::DeleteLineList(nsPresContext *,nsLineList &) [nsLineBox.cpp:7f359d93170a : 337 + 0x7]
eip = 0x1033d6a8 esp = 0x0012e14c ebp = 0x0012e174
6 xul.dll!nsBlockFrame::Destroy() [nsBlockFrame.cpp:7f359d93170a : 298 + 0x9]
eip = 0x103376f7 esp = 0x0012e158 ebp = 0x0012e174

Going back to 3/20, I don’t see the exact same crash but there are other crashes in GlyphRun code:


0 xul.dll!gfxTextRun::FindFirstGlyphRunContaining(unsigned int) [gfxFont.cpp:49d7fee2e9b4 : 2175 + 0x3]
eip = 0x1062eefa esp = 0x0012bc90 ebp = 0x0012bcd4 ebx = 0x00000001
esi = 0x00000000 edi = 0x00000000 eax = 0x00000000 ecx = 0x0313a1f8
edx = 0x00000000 efl = 0x00010297
1 xul.dll!gfxTextRun::GlyphRunIterator::GlyphRunIterator(gfxTextRun *,unsigned int,unsigned int) [gfxFont.h:49d7fee2e9b4 : 1313 + 0xd]
eip = 0x101bda30 esp = 0x0012bc9c ebp = 0x0012bcd4
2 xul.dll!gfxTextRun::MeasureText(unsigned int,unsigned int,gfxFont::BoundingBoxType,gfxContext *,gfxTextRun::PropertyProvider *) [gfxFont.cpp:49d7fee2e9b4 : 1925 + 0xe]
eip = 0x1062faff esp = 0x0012bca8 ebp = 0x0012bcd4
3 xul.dll!gfxTextRun::BreakAndMeasureText(unsigned int,unsigned int,int,double,gfxTextRun::PropertyProvider *,int,double *,gfxFont::RunMetrics *,gfxFont::BoundingBoxType,gfxContext *,int *,unsigned int *,int,gfxBreakPriority *) [gfxFont.cpp:49d7fee2e9b4 : 2103 + 0x21]
eip = 0x1062fefd esp = 0x0012bcdc ebp = 0x0012c418
4 xul.dll!nsTextFrame::Reflow(nsPresContext *,nsHTMLReflowMetrics &,nsHTMLReflowState const &,unsigned int &) [nsTextFrameThebes.cpp:49d7fee2e9b4 : 5976 + 0x71]
eip = 0x10275bfe esp = 0x0012c45c ebp = 0x0012c5e8 ebx = 0x0b694df0
5 xul.dll!nsLineLayout::ReflowFrame(nsIFrame *,unsigned int &,nsHTMLReflowMetrics *,int &) [nsLineLayout.cpp:49d7fee2e9b4 : 852 + 0x2e]
eip = 0x103a037e esp = 0x0012c654 ebp = 0x0012c72c ebx = 0x0012c840
6 xul.dll!nsBlockFrame::ReflowInlineFrame(nsBlockReflowState &,nsLineLayout &,nsLineList_iterator,nsIFrame *,LineReflowStatus *) [nsBlockFrame.cpp:49d7fee2e9b4 : 3594 + 0x13]
eip = 0x10339af0 esp = 0x0012c79c ebp = 0x0012c7cc ebx = 0x0b694f1c
7 xul.dll!nsBlockFrame::DoReflowInlineFrames(nsBlockReflowState &,nsLineLayout &,nsLineList_iterator,int *,LineReflowStatus *,int) [nsBlockFrame.cpp:49d7fee2e9b4 : 3415 + 0x15]
eip = 0x1033a364 esp = 0x0012c7d4 ebp = 0x0012c814 ebx = 0x0b694f1c
So please check once and let me know.

All these crashes occur running this test:

*** 31828 INFO Running /tests/dom/tests/mochitest/ajax/offline/test_xhtmlManifest.xhtml…

Not sure if there are other factors that match (e.g. same tinderbox machine).

A polite please to not post crash log data here but instead send it direct to tech support tinderbox@eastgate.com. Useful to for support is to know what you were doing at the point of the crash, and whether the crash can be generated on demand (i.e. the steps to re-create it).

Why not post logs here? Simply because this is a user-to-user forum and not tech support. Like your, your fellow users here can’t see ‘behind the curtain’ in Tinderbox, but Eastgate can. Plus, emailing support will likely get you a quicker answer. :slight_smile:

Okay, Thanks a lot. Sorry for the inconvenience.

@owenj7920 I wonder whether you have the right forum. We’re Tinderbox, the tool for notes: Tinderbox: The Tool For Notes . Your crash logs don’t look like they belong to us.