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Why is the asterix (* shift-8) being converted to <ul><li>

I’m continuing to experiment with css and want to insert some plain text css that starts with an asterix *

When I look at the html output it gets converted to ul li ( with html tags <>)

Why is that?

If you’re writing a note that’s going to be exported as a style sheet, you don’t want markup interpreted – Tinderbox will also add paragraph markup and such, which you don’t want. Just turn off markup in the export pane of the inspector, or us HTML Template as a prototype

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Thanks - that did it - I knew that css has to be clear of markup and html tags to work and had deleted the start and end boxes in the markup tab next to export tab in the <> section, thinking that would suffice. I didn’t spot the Markup Text check box on export tab.

Many thanks

FWIW, the built-in ‘Code’ prototype was added for just this sort of scenario, i.e. non-template notes that need to hold code of some type and where you don’t want HTML encoding or ‘smart’ auto-conversions of quotes and dashes.

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I meant to add that if using ‘Code’ prototype, it set $HTMLDontExport to true, so you might want to change that in the prototype or at note level if used in an export context.

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