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Why nest exploded notes?

Small quibble: I have always wondered why exploded notes are nested within an “exploded notes” note. If I wish to explode the $Text of a given note, I expect the resulting exploded notes to be direct descendants of the original note. What is the purpose of making them “grandchildren” of the original note?

I’ve wondered the same. I assume it is a sort of “do no harm” approach. “I’ll explode your notes for you, and I’ll put them over here is their own container so they don’t interfere with your outline too much.”

I could see a case where I have several notes in an outline, explode the second one of, say, twenty, and then have to stop and consider which ones are the new ones. Especially if that container has a sort rule, then the newly added notes might get flung to all corners of that container.

Also, if I get the Explode parameters wrong or I’m not paying attention, then having the result in a container makes it easy to blow away the bad results and try over.


All good points, as always, Paul. Thanks. An option, in the Explode dialog, to create children notes would be nice, but I see how that might be confusing to some.

I see it as @PaulWalters describes it. The explode feature also improved in features a lot during v5. One point of the ‘exploded notes’ container was that it made it easy for an agent to find any/all such folders and process items therein. Now that Explode has extra features the need for such an agent approach is lessened but likely it’s a workflow a few people still use. I rarely retain the exploded notes container in that form. Sometimes I promote the children having tested them or I rename the container.

The container is also useful if you are exploding a note that already has children.

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