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Why would Hyperbolic View *not* work here

I’ve just updated to TBX 8.50 and I can’t get Hyperbolic View to work, either on a new file, or with an existing one. Thing is, I didn’t use it in previous versions, so I don’t know if I’m missing something (such as there being a minimum number of linked notes to make the view available). As it stands, the Hyperbolic View is permanently greyed out, irrespective of the note I select.

Here’s an example:

As far as I can tell for the Help, I should be able to select Hyperbolic View, but as you can see, the option is greyed out.

I’m missing something obvious. aren’t I?


Ah, it seems hyperbolic view—or the means of opening it— went on holiday in v8.5.0, but will return shortly. Pending its return, I’ve recreated your map and rendered it in hyperbolic view (from a pre-release test):

Hyperbolic view is not trying to make pretty layouts. It is more for exploring/traversing the document’s link structures. As such, it can traverse across different containers (maps) as it simply plots linked notes and has no notion of the underlying outline structure.


Thanks Mark – I couldn’t see why any reason for it not working, but thought I’d ask.

I wouldn’t use it for that that particular set of notes - they were simply a handy collection with enough links to illustrate the problem. It was actually the discussion on Roam which got me thinking about how to use the Hyperbolic View and then I couldn’t get it to work. It’s comforting to know I wasn’t missing the obvious!

Thanks for the quick reply.


Thanks, Mark. Like David Bertenshaw who posted the question, I too thought I had missed something when Hyperbolic went gray in 8.5 . I hope it will be back soon!

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It’s back in 8.5.1, which is available now.