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Wiki-links to create new notes?

Hi, question from someone still struggling with TB. I was hoping that encasing a word or words in [[ ]] s would create a new note with that name if it did not already exist – and if, failing that, would at least convert that text into a wiki-link when a note was later created matching that text. But I don’t think this happens, and I can’t find any documentation or post on it in the forums. (Apologies if this isn’t the case.)

Many thanks for any help.

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If you select text you want to be a link to a new note and then go to Note->Footnote->… you will be able to create an empty note with a title that matches the selected text. You have the option of creating the new note as a sibling or a child in a container called “notes.”

There are hotkeys associated with these commands. I don’t know a markdown or wiki-style way to do this though.