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Window/Split - Two panes in outline View area that scroll separately

It would be convenient to split the view area of an outline and have each sub-area scroll independently. This will allow me to examine items at the top of the outline while editing a note at the bottom of the outline. Yes, I can open two windows on the same outline to get the same result, sort of. But this workaround is not as convenient and takes up much more display real estate.

Why not just use two tabs of the same outline. Each tab would look at a different portion of the outline. That’s what I do.

As my first sentence indicates, this is more of a convenience feature. Yes, I could either open a new tab (as you suggest) or open a separate window (as I allow in my original post). However, there is a lot of clicking to set this up for new window or to switch back and forth between tabs. I am looking for a simple drag on the outline view which then allows simple scrolling of the two sub panes.

I want to reference information of one note in order to evaluate or update a second note. The notes may be very distant from each other in outline order and may not be at the same level in the outline.

Understood. I usually have at least 3 tabs open with the current outline, and TB remembers which were open when I last closed it. I also move from tab to tab with Opt-Cmd-[ and Opt-Cmd-], and open a new tab with Opt-Cmd-Backslash The latter keystroke combo was created with the Mac System Preferences (Keyboard Shortcuts).

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