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Woohoo! Just discovered TBX works with Hook

I love Hook – Links beat searching and was surprised to see the TBX supports hook.

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Can you explain Hook? I still don’t understand it.

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First watch this - ( Write more efficiently by using Hook to instantly navigate to/from supporting information - YouTube

and then watch this ( The Hook Window - YouTube

Hook is amazing!

Michael - Hook is great! You can link almost anything to anything else on your Mac. Files to each other, to an entry in Calendar, Fantastical or OmniFocus. I swear by it and use it every day! And the link remains operational even if you move e.g. the file physically on your Mac.

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A way that I use Hook with Tinderbox is to create a robust link between a Tinderbox URL type attribute and any file on my computer. What do I mean by robust? I mean having a link that I can’t break. Ordinarily, if I have a Tinderbox attribute linked to an external file on my Mac, and I move that file to a different location on my computer or if I rename the file, the link to Tinderbox will break. But with a Hook link to that external file, the link remains intact. If I click on the Tinderbox URL attribute containing a Hook link, Tinderbox will find the external file no matter what I do to it in MacOS.

There is much more that Hook can do, as the videos in this thread reveal, but that’s my primary use for Hook. It’s sort of neat that I can create a bi-directional link so that if I look for my external file, Hook can take me directly from there to the Tinderbox note URL, but I expect that I’ll mostly use the Hook link one way - from Tinderbox to the external file.


Hook is one of those apps that cannot be grokked by explaining; you have to watch a video or experience it yourself and then it’s just “Ahhhh… that’s brilliant”.

The only issue I have with Hook right now (if anyone has a suggestion) is that when hooking to specific URLs, some links have constantly updated anchor (usually from something like a SPA or heavy javascript site) which seems to throw off Hook. Wonder if there is a way to have Hook only take into account the URL and not the anchor.