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"Word Service" to change curly to straight quotes, etc

A common problem with Tinderbox action code not working is that Tinderbox is looking for “straight quotes” when the action code includes quotes, and oftentimes code copied from a forum like this one will end up with “curly quotes”.

DEVONthink provides a free utility – Word Services that can safely be installed on your Mac. Word Services has a number of text-modification utilities that are invoked from the macOS Services Menu.

Once Word Services is installed, use System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts > Services, in the “Text” section of that dialog, to activate whatever Word Service you want to use on your computer.

For example, I have these Word Services activated for my Services menu – applies to Safari, Tinderbox, etc. You can assign a shortcut (as shown) to the service, or not.

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