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Workflowy & Tinderbox

These are two workflows to allow you to copy notes between Workflowy and Tinderbox (and vice versa).

The only thing that gets lost is any metadata you add to notes in Tinderbox (basically, any attributes which aren’t the basic note text field). But the hierarchy gets transferred over beautifully.

I wish this was a bit easier, with fewer steps, but I’m very happy as it is that it’s possible to have this fairly seamless transfer between the two applications. YMMV.

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The loos of attributes, unless placed in$Text, reflects the limitations of the OPML format. Tinderbox templates will let you embed XML-sage data as custom OPML/XML attributes but whether Workflowy will read them is down to that app’s degree of customisation on reading data inflows (noting that your OPMl would now be using non-standard extra attributes it might quite reasonably choose to ignore). HTH :slight_smile:

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You are perfectly right. TBX is perfectly capable of exporting attributes galore, but Workflowy has no functionality to do anything with them. So it all works out fine :slight_smile:

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