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X-dispatch type link in URL attribute not opening on click

URLs that reference on-computer resources seem to work well in the $URL. if I click the little icon in the key attributes link, the link open. works for files and links to apps like Curio and DevonThink.

I have found a link that isn’t working this way and trying to figure out why.

The link is “owned” by Dispatch URL Helper, which is an app that lets you click on links to emails created by the iOS email client called Dispatch when running on app. So… triaging email on iphone and can export an OmniFocus task with link to the email. then drag into TBX on the Mac and set $URL attribute to this link.

If I paste the same link into a browser, it works.

I am looking for issues with escaping but don’t see any that leap out. I have also tried using the open command from the terminal and also pasting it as a link in a markdown file and those work.

Here is a sample link:


(I replaced my email address with email@example.com.)

Any thoughts about how to tackle this? Thinking of using a stamp to run the open command, at least temporarily.

I’m not sure. If it’s not too much trouble, try replacing the %-encoding with the underlying characters; I suspect that the URL is being percent-encoded by Tinderbox.

That can be corrected if it’s the problem, but it would be better to confirm first,

yes. that solves it. there are 3 characters involved. %3C, %40, and %3E. if these are replaced with <, @, and > respectively, then the url opens in TBX as expected.