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Ziplink no popup menu after choosing a container

Looked up the forum. Ziplinks topics were very popular in 2020 ) , but I can’t find an answer dealing my issue.

Popup menu during ziplink creation is very useful.
But for some reason when I choose a container to select note in it ([[/container 1 ) and press option+enter popup menu disappears. The only way is to type the desired note title and close brackets at the end (]]). But it is not convenient.
I try to test the issue in a new file - the result is the same.
Tb version 9.3.0

Have anybody faced the similar issue?

Why specifically Option+Enter? The documentation of the feature, is described here and in app Help (‘Ziplinks’) article. The latter states:

Click on any of these notes to make a link, or option-click to copy the destination to the ziplink while leaving the ziplink open for further editing.

So the app is behaving exactly as documented. The Option key modifier allows you to do thing like add to the partial path in text (manually) close the link (type ]]) and a link is made to a new note which is created at that path.

What sort of link are you trying to make?

Also discovered in testing, though Help describes using option+click (i.e mouse/trackpad), Option+Return (⌥+↩) works just as well for a totally key-based approach.

†. I assume ‘enter’ here refers to the Return key () at the right of the top two rows of letter keys and not the formal Enter key (). The latter no longer has a physical key on most laptop and laptop-style keyboards (being accessed via fn+Return (fn+↩) key press).

I assume ‘enter’ here refers to the Return key ( )

Sorry, indeed I meant the Return key.

Perhaps I wasn’t clear enough.
If we look in another strings in ATbRef:

[/Dog/ shows a list of all notes in /Dog.
[[/Dog/R shows a list of all notes in /Dog that begin with “r”.

But when I type (or choose in popup menu) a name of the container I don’t see any list. If I type a first letter of the note’s name (that I for sure now is in that container) - nothings happen either.

There is a “[” missing in the first line you reference from aTbRef.
Using [[/Dog/ will work

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Thank you for noticing the mistake. But when facing this issue I am certainly using double brackets “[[”

What is the exact path of the container(s) of interest. I wonder if the issue might be due to problematic characters (e.g. parentheses or forward slashes) in their $Name—or $Path. If nothing else it would be good to discard that as an issue. I mention it as you saw expected items aren’t listed.

At this point it might help even more to upload a small TBX file in which you can’t replicate the problem so those here trying to help are testing the same content. If doing so please include a list of the exact steps taken from typing the [[ to when the process fails and then listing what you expected to happen. I note this because the thread started as an issue using Option+Return, but the later post suggests a different problem. So it’s still not totally clear what explected outcome we are trying to achive. :slight_smile:

Sorry, I had a bad cold and was not able to work at the computer these few days.

Nevertheless I’ve done my homework and here is the results :slight_smile:

  1. If you add in Text pane “[[” (double square brackets) TB will show you all notes in current container in popup menu

2a) If you continue and input any letter/symbol TB will show you all the notes and containers in the document, that contain the given letter/symbol

2b) If you add “/” (backslash) after square brackets TB will show you all the containers in the document

If you like to see the list of all notes in the selected container (which is reasonable because we usually do not remember the names of the notes, we remember that "it should be somewhere in that container), you should do this additional steps.

3b) Select the container name from the popup menu and press the Return key ( )

4b) Input any symbol and then delete it.

I’ve tested the same approach using containers with parentheses and back/forward slashes in their names. There are no problems with parentheses. But the approach doesn’t work if container has a forward or backslash in its name.

Hope it will help someone.


Thanks! That’s much more clear.