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Zoom out to view whole document in Map View

I’m lacking a feature that allows me to zoom quickly out to a scale where all notes are visible. This would be helpful to get an overview of all the notes at the current level (and ensure that no notes are missed) and zoom back into a different area of interest in a large map.

For inspiration of the desired feature another software with some of TB feature called Curio provides a useful mechanism based on pushing a key to zoom out, allows the user to position the cursor and then letting go of the key Curio zooms back into the location where the cursor was positioned.

To my knowledge what TB provides is functions to “zoom in”, “zoom out” and “Standard Scale” all of which are useful but lacking a way of getting an overview in Map mode.

Could you just keep a zoomed-out view of the map open in a separate tab?

I don’t think it totally answers your needs as it’s modal, but have you found the full-map-zoom shortcut Cmd+Opt+Ctrl (here)?

While the keys are depressed, the view zooms out to show the entire map, and returns to previous zoom/location when the keys are released.

A navigator style window, with the whole map and with the current viewed area as a draggable cursor has been discussed in the past but I don’t know if it’s a feature. I find that once maps get really large it’s generally time to switch to discrete maps (nested or otherwise) or simply use Outline. In saying that I totally get that unless all notes are on the same map you can’t see link lines - if that’s a key reason for your use of map view.

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The tab idea is useful to work on different areas of the map in Map view (requires setting up).

I didn’t know about the full-map zoom shortcut Cmd+Opt+Ctrl. It doesn’t show up in the TB menus. This is already very useful to get an overview (which is sometimes really required for linked notes or for large and varied adornments spread across the canvas).

In view of the new knowledge, my features request to Eastgate would be the following:

  • a function to zoom via menu or key stroke to the extent of all notes (not the whole canvas)
  • the ability to zoom back in at a the new location of the mouse pointer if moved once the shortcut keys are released (instead of automatically back to the original location as currently the case)