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Zoom performance slow down

I’ve noticed a substantial slow down in zooming in the map view if a note(s) contains a graphic. Is this known?

Tinderbox b485
macOS 11.0.1

What I did:
Create a new blank tbx file.
In map view, create a note, and in the body of the note type some text.
Check zoom by pressing cmd+ or cmd- several times - normal speed
Now, drag in a graphic e.g. a partial screen shot so it becomes an inline image in the note.
Check zoom by pressing cmd+ or cmd- several times - now noticeably slower.
Duplicate the note
Even slower.

If the image is visible in the note’s thumbnail, it must be rendered and scaled at each step of the zoom. That’s slow, though the performance on the 2013 13" MacBook Pro I’m using this morning seems quite satisfactory with an image or two. But it takes about a second with ten images, and that’s not great.

Also, as you observe, magnify/shrink seems slower with many images even when those images don’t actually need to be rendered. That’s not great, either. We’ll investigate.

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