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Zooming maps with mouse wheel

Is there a way to zoom the map view using the mouse wheel? The system level screen zoom is not what I’m looking for here. Instead, I want to know if I can use the mouse wheel the same way I can use pinch to zoom on a trackpad.


I believe that the scroll wheel is indistinguishable from pinch zoom, unless you’ve got a third-party hack or window manager interfering.

Wouldn’t the scroll wheel be equivalent to a two-finger swipe for scroll? Usually, pinch to zoom is mapped to Ctrl+Mouse Wheel or something like that. For example, in iThoughtsX, it’s ⌥Mouse Wheel to zoom, whereas just mouse wheel scrolls.

Aha, yes. And ctrl-mouse-wheel is taken by the system accessibility shortcut, if that’s enabled.

Of course, we’ve also got cmd-+ and cmd-- for shortcuts, too.

In that case, feature request: bind Option+Mouse Wheel to zoom. :slight_smile:

New Tinderbox user here. Is mouse wheel supposed to zoom? On my v7.6.5 install it just scrolls the map vertically. Also, holding middle mouse to pan doesn’t do anything (intuitively I would expect it to pan, but maybe that’s my CAD software background). If I option+mousewheel I get a very jumpy in/out zoom that in aggregate tends to zoom in more than zoom out. Can someone tell me what the expected behaviour should be? Thanks!

The scroll wheel, unmodified, scrolls up and down in map view. That’s not very useful in maps, but it’s lovely in outlines.

Option (⌥) scroll wheel changes magnification; this was actually added after Jake Bernstein’s request above. I happen to use trackpads much of the time, and so it’s tuned for trackpads; I’m open to changes.

Click-drag (grabby-hand dragging) seems fairly satisfactory for panning. I think 3-button mice in the Mac world are fairly exotic, but happy to take a look.

Ah, if that’s the case, then there is a malfunction in the alt+wheel scroll. See this screen recording. Keep in mind I am scrolling smoothly in one direction in this video, though it would look like I was ratcheting back and forth by the observed behaviour. I can only jumpy-zoom in, not back out again.

If I had a vote, I would say that a plain mouse wheel roll should zoom without modifier in the map view. A vertical scroll isn’t that useful in a 2D canvas. I would also advocate for middle-click to pan, though I realize a plain click does this already. Again, that is muscle memory for me from CAD-land, but seems sensible from the point of view that the middle mouse button is used to both pan and zoom views in most software with 2D or 3D workspaces.

I forget middle mouse buttons aren’t as common for non graphics and CAD users. Everyone I know uses a 3-button mouse with their mac!

In map view, with a Logitech MX Ergo, option-ratcheting the wheel, there seems to be an 8:1 ratio for ratchet clicks** to zoom out vs zoom in. So, if I option-ratchet the wheel in one direction for 8 clicks, and then option-ratchet the wheel in the opposite direction for 1 click, then I’m back to the same level of zooming. I would expect the ratio to be 1:1.


the MX Ergo wheel is not smooth – one can feel “click” as it rotates.

I see the Apple Magic Mouse doesn’t have a mouse wheel. (Is that right? I thought it used to have one)

Any other mouse wheel fans out there?

Well, seeing as how I apparently started this “zoom with mouse wheel” thing (also, THANK YOU for doing that!!), yes, as a matter of fact, I’m using a Logitech MX Master, also with a ratcheting scroll wheel. But then, it also has a horizontal scroll wheel (which works just fine in Tinderbox) and a total of 7 buttons…

I should add that I am using an ordinary wheeled mouse without a multi-mode scroll wheel. I’m mentioning this to eliminate the possibility that the jerky scroll I’m experiencing is due to hardware/firmware on a fancy mouse :slight_smile:

I’m using a cheap and small Logitech M185, which is far from a “fancy mouse”. The behavior of option-ratchet of my mouse is exactly like that in the screen recording. Would this be fixed in the future?

Probably in the next release

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Nice to hear that, thanks a lot!