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Automated way to create note titles from note text body?

Is there a way to automatically extract a few words from the top of a note’s text (in the body) to create note titles? Ideally, I’m seeking to do this in a batch function, i.e., for bunch of imported notes that lack titles.

Thank you.

If you want 3 words:


This might be a stamp, or perhaps an agent action.


WOHA !!!

Thanks for this . I was about to ask the same question.


Coming in Tinderbox 9: Tinderbox will have smart functions to extract the first sentence of a string, even in the presence of confusing punctuation like

Mr. J. C. Martin paid for the ticket.


maybe we can see this demo on one of the meet-ups !

Thank you so much for this! It’s incredibly helpful. I might switch the number of word to five or so. And yes, upcoming features like “smart functions to extract the first sentence of a string” sound amazing! Cannot wait…

Thank you again. This is great…

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