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Beatles records: demo with example TBXs

Someone was asking for demos/tutorials with TBXs as at various stages of completion. Here is one such… Beatles’ hits

This was some date I worked on for a dashboard challenge that never got used. Essentially, there is a set of data on hits by the Beatles (albums and singles) that was published by the Guardians data blog a while ago. I took that data, filled some gaps, put it into a TBX and then made a dash board. The ZIP file includes all the source files needed for the task. There is a TBX of overview and 3 task TBXs. An ‘empty’ file with a few prototypes added. A file with the data imported but not processed and an example of the data used for a dashboard (note the image was created in the v5 apps’ UI):

Note: these files were originally created under v5 and some system attribute values may differ from today (e.g. prototype defaults). So, do bear this in mind if wanting to base new projects on these files. I’d suggest copying the ideas in the files, rather than the actual files themselves.


EPIC! Thanks. :slight_smile: