Help printing the map

(Armando SORBI) #1

Hello everybody. I’m a new guy on the block
I have a question that might look easy but I could not find an answer: I have 4 notes on the window and I wanted to print them but they came out very small, almost on the verge of readability. Nothing changed even changing printing size in the page setup menu
Is there a way to print the notes as they show on the screen?
Thank you

(Mark Anderson) #2

I take this to mean you want to print just the contents of the View pane when the view type is a map. If so…

Click in the view pane to set focus and then use the Edit menu -> Copy View As Image. Or (while the view has focus) use the shortcut [Cmd]+[Shift]+[C].

Copy View As Image. Copies current main view contents to the clipboard as an image in PDF format; the saved image includes the whole view (e.g. non-visible parts of a map). No save dialog is shown, simply open an image editor (or Preview) and create a new document from the clipboard or paste into a new empty image document. The exported data is in vector form, and can be edited if pasted into a vector-capable image editor. The image data will be rasterised by the image editor if it is pasted into a raster image image document.

(Paul Walters) #3

In addition to @mwra’s broad suggestion:

If your map is rather small with only 4 notes then use macOS’s screenshots. Embiggen the map using View > Magnify then use the macOS screenshot feature. The saved screen shot can be printed, shared, etc.

(Armando SORBI) #4

That’s exactly what I meant. Sorry if my terminology is not up to date yet (I’m still trying to get my bearings in TB).
Thanks for your help