Start of the week in calendar picker

(Rene Trappel) #1


how do I change the “calendar picker” to start a week with Mondays and not Sundays? This is not a huge issue but continues to confuse and annoy me.



(Mark Anderson) #2

It appears to be fixed. There is no preference setting. FWIW, it doesn’t follow OS Language & Regions settings.

(Rene Trappel) #3

Is it fixed for you in 7.5.4 (for me it isn’t)? If I may ask, what are your “region & language” settings?

(Mark Anderson) #4

My OS has Monday start and Tinderbox v7.5.4b328 has a fixed Sunday start. So I guess a fix can’t come before the next release. I’ve already made some report in this on a separate channel. My hunch is a fix would be to align the choice with the OS locale as Tinderbox does that for several other settings. But, we’ll have to wait and see.

(Rene Trappel) #5

Oh, I understand. Thanks for the quick response!

(eastgate) #6

I’ll file a request for Tinderbox 8